QuartetRx is superior liquid compounding made easier, safer, and faster! It provides superior medicine, lowers cost, and stores/dispenses directly from the compounding bottle. The process is so simple and requires no clean-up.

Select your desired compound, label the bottle, and add the medicine and water to the bottle. Cap and place the bottle into QuartetRx. Run the milling unit for ten minutes. Select and add the appropriate flavor to the suspension in the bottle. Then shake and dispense directly from the bottle. It is that easy!

Changing the Way Pharmacists Compound Liquid Oral Medicine


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  • Patients with swallowing disorders have problems with tablets and capsules
  • Compounding is often required to provide proper therapy
  • QuartetRx produces high quality oral liquids via a novel automated technology
  • Compounds have ideal physical-chemical characteristics and are personalized to the patient

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  • Efficient and requires no clean-up
  • Enclosed compounding protects pharmacists from harmful exposure to hazardous drugs
  • QuartetRx can produce four liquid compounds simultaneously in just 50 minutes
  • Use of MaestroRx formulary as QuartetRx companion enhances the efficiency of the process

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  • Easy and efficient automated compounding reduces stress on pharmacy staff
  • Time savings achievable through automated compounding create self-funding business case
  • Single bottle for compounding, storage and dosing is efficient and economical
  • Enclosed compounding in the bottle enhances safety and helps ensure USP 800 compliance

Technology advancing the future of pharmacies.

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