QuartetRx® Features
  • One single-use container from compounding to storage to administration
  • Completely enclosed compounding environment eliminates or greatly reduces exposure to aerosolized medication powders
  • Consistent high quality of compounded products
  • Risk of cross-contamination eliminated
  • No equipment cleaning required which saves time and eliminates clutter
  • Milling containers are compatible with Adapta-Cap and Press-in Bottle adapters
  • Employs flavor science for enhanced palatability and administration compliance
  • Greater efficiency for busy pharmacies:
  • - Produces 4 liquid oral formulations in just 20 minutes (vs. 140 minutes needed for manual operations)
  • - Reduces errors with a simple, three-step process
  • - Durable, easy-to-clean outer shell
  • - Lightweight and requires minimal space on crowded countertops and benches
  • Works with the MaestroRx electronic formulary
  • Recyclable container for environmental responsibility
  • Added flexibility with 2 cycles, one for MaestroRx formulations and one for other formulations and diluents
  • No generation of heat during the milling process
  • Designed and built in the USA


QuartetRx Specifications

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